Sunday, November 29, 2009

lotsa pictures!

Some categorical pics:

Category one: visitors

Some of my former students visited over Thanksgiving break.  We had fun catching up and hanging out, and Sawyer especially enjoyed when the boys visited.  I have been so blessed to work with such great students in our great community.  It was wonderful to see a few of them again.

Visitor one:  Jill.  Jill visited one afternoon when it was just Ridge and I.  She even held him and he loved it, so much so that he slobbered all over her shoulder.

Visitors two and three:  Awesome and Calep.  AKA Austin and Caleb.  Sawyer loves these dudes.  Probably because they never show up without super cool toys are just great guys.

Austin and the Ridger.

Caleb reading Brown Bear Brown Bear to Sawyer...backwards...per Sawyer's request.

The infamous sticky hand...and the spiderman punching bag.  These are only two of the insanities the guys provided our three year old with.  Craziest were the screaming balloon rockets, but I didn't get a picture of those.  That sticky guys know I'm a germaphobe.

ALSO visiting that day was pal Stacy, but somehow I didn't remember to take a picture of her.  She held the Ridge a lot, too.  Good times.

Category TWO:  craftiness.

Maybe you've already seen these:.  This is one aspect of my craftiness here at the hospital.

Here is another, although this is the softest, it is not necessarily my favorite, of the scarves I've made.  
No, it isn't for Sawyer.  It's not manly enough.  And every scarf I've made is different, so if you're in the market for a scarf but don't like this one, don't judge. I will post more pics when I finish my current projects.

Here's some more craftiness...and if you follow my FB/Twitter stati, you know that I spoke of this as an epic fail.  Apparently, it wasn't as much of a fail as I thought.

It's not really higher on one side, he has it on lopsided. I promise.  So apparently, it actually fits.  It's a little loose around in circumference, but I can fix that.  I was worried about the length, but it was nothing a little blocking couldn't fix, apparently.  I'm not gonna lie.  I was stoked when he tried it on and looked that cute.  It's camouflage.
Last craftiness, thanks to Hobby Lobby.  If you are needing a cute, cheap craft, this is it.  Warning- no glue comes with it and Elmer's DOESN'T work.  Gotta break out the glue gun for this- or send your husband to Wal-Mart on Black Friday to buy one, like I did.  So now I even have a glue gun at the hospital.  Anyway, this craft is only $4.99, and it makes FOUR.  I think this would be so great for party favors/party crafts...and there are four different sets to pick from!!  Sooo cute.  Sawyer and I picked these out and made them Friday afternoon.  They are PUPPETS!

monkey, lion, toucan, hippo.


Category Three:  the bet.

Brandon and I had a bet that we would/wouldn't be outta here by Thanksgiving. I won.  We weren't.  What did I win?  A pair of Tom's.  I had to be strategic here bc I asked for three pairs for Christmas.  So I couldn't buy a pair I'd asked for bc I didn't want to have to return anything, in CASE I actually get a pair like I asked for.  So I bought these:

Love em, hate em, whatever.  They are what I bought.  I like them.  mucho.
Category number FOUR:  brother time.

This chunky baby (no I didn't hurt him, I was easy, but his cheeks are so fat, I can see where this might look mean)....anyway, THIS chunky baby LOOOVES his brother.


man.  lotsa pictures.  lotsa love.  give thanks!

Friday, November 27, 2009

super cute matter what you think.

you don't have to like the babylegs.  but i sure think they're cute.  and so is the baby who wears them.  and here's the greatness of them-- i don't have to pull down his pants to change his, with ridge's central line, i think it's difficult for him to wear pants anyway.  so these are perfect.

Monday, November 23, 2009


this is not the uber cute post i was going to do next, bc those photos aren't all taken yet, but check these out:

ridge's response to the news that his hemoglobin dramatically increased in two days:

ha. i did get one of him smiling, but it wouldn't upload. in his defense, he literally has just woken up in this picture. but i'm sure he couldn't care less.

what is this?  hmmm....try the view out my window this morning.  the view of downtown OKC...but wait, where did it go? i know the pic is no good bc of the glare/reflection/etc...but it is literally that foggy outside- in real life, i can see nothing except grey fog out my window for miles and miles.  as if we didn't already feel cramped in this room. :)  fog is weird.

yesterday i let ridge try some "puffs" and some baby mum-mums (kind of like big dissolving crackers...but not messy like those biter biscuit things).  i don't know if i'm supposed to let him have food yet, but i did.  and he liked it.  and he knew exactly what to do with it.  and yes, his dad wore camo up here to the hospital. in his defense, he'd been hunting all weekend. in my defense, i don't think he went hunting sunday morning when he left hollis.  but he still wore his camo.  um....moving on.

 i don't even need to caption this photo.  but let me tell you- he'd been wearing that underwear all afternoon and he didn't mind one bit putting them straight on his face.  he did this with zero prompting.  in fact, he had just been asked to put them on his BOTTOM.

first of all, my shirt is wet bc my hair was wet.  i don't want anyone getting too confused here.  second of all...ridge loves me.  and i love ridge.

Friday, November 20, 2009

early mornin thanksgiving dinner!

so...sawyer's little 3 year old class had a thanksgiving lunch today, and parents were invited to attend.  brandon and i both were able to go to the event...and as i am typing this i realize one of the pictures that was taken is not showing up in my imports or on my mem. card at annoying!  of course it's the one of all 3 of us.  stuuuupid.

anyway, here's some 10:30 am elementary school cafeteria thanksgiving pics for ya.  and can i just say i was amazed that those little 3 year olds could carry their lunch trays?  seriously.

when brandon told sawyer we'd be eating lunch w/ him, he said, "daddy, will you get a tray like me or are you going to bring your lunch?" ha ha.

okay, these pics don't show faces on purpose-- i didn't want to invade any privacy.  but can i just say, the entire reason we even took these pictures is in this thought-- how is it 3 year olds canwill line up....but most high schoolers can not/will not?


next photo post will be oh so cute, so get ready! i already know what it's gonna be about.  if you love ridge, as i know you do, you will love it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

look, i have a puppy.

side notes: 1. yes, i taught myself to knit. thank you, youtube. this is what my son is chewing on-- yarn.
2. check out the bottom right part of the picture- look how cute those plaid babylegs are!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

bored out of my gourd

We're just hangin out...waiting on time to pass...and poop color to change.  Here are some recent photos!

papaw and nanny and mike came by.

ridge.  super cute in his baby legs-- i don't care who thinks they are girly.

ridge, all snuggled up ready for bed.

sawyer was sleeping w/ his legs crossed. weird.

hangin out, watchin a movie!

have a good day!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

november so far!

I can't help it-- we have a pretty handsome boy.

We also have a tired daddy.  And mommy.  I' m not posting the picture that proves I'm tired.

We also have a little brother who ADORES his big brother so much that he squeals with delight when Sawyer enters the room!

Sawyer, however, does not always enjoy the hair grabbing and squealing Ridge likes to pull over on him.
Ridge...he is getting better at sitting up.  Even if he does sit like a seal.