Sunday, January 9, 2011


what we've been up to...
well, we had a Christmas tree (it is in fact still up...)

we had some stockings (they are still hanging, as well)

i made pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls (should be called SINnamon rolls)...and this picture makes me want another batch.

nana and papaw got reid and ridge matching trucks...

we spent new year's with baby noah and his mom and dad

we started winter off with a big shaving cream party for ridge and sawyer....

the boys wore Christmas jammies more than once over the Christmas break...and I know they are cute.

i've been getting crafty making things like....a weekly chalkboard type calendar for your fridge...or wherever magnets stick.

a cute apron like this one...
 a set of 10 napkins like these...

a cute warm turquoise scarf like this...

dino hats like this.

quilted bags like these...someone else makes some similar to this, but she is way famous-er than i.

super soft infinity scarves like this one

satchel bags like this...

superbright fingerless gloves...

newsboyish hats...

and santa visted us... ridge liked this couch santa brought him.

ridge also received, from santa, a racetrackish thing, a dancing mickey (which is hilarious and Ridge loves it-- thank you, you know who you are), the toy story couch, a singamajig (which is annoying but hilarious), a red bouncy ball, and a turtle zoobie (um, best pillowpets ever-- way soft....they are a stuffed animal/pillowpet with a super soft blankie inside...well worth the extra $7-$10 over the regular pillow pets...bc they are WAY softer)

sawyer got, from santa...a ginormous tub of lincoln logs, some beef jerky (which he was pumped about), a bb gun (which he didn't really care for), a green bouncy ball, a singamajig, a red monkey zoobie (same thing as ridge's turtle zoobie...AWESOMENESS), and a big ninja turtle box full of ninja turtles. old ninja turtles.  as in, all of the ninja turtle stuff he got was from the 80s and 90s and ebay is my friend.

zoobie-- blanket feature in use.

whew, that's a lot of catching up on photos!  thanks for reading/watching/looking!

Friday, September 24, 2010

we've been up to.

okay no captions, but here are some photos of our life lately and some things i've made....okay as i was just uploading, i realized they are pretty much all of what i've made, bc my photos of the boys are on the laptop. sorry!  however, i did include two photos from back when all of this journey started- look how young/small the boys are.

this is a baby swaddler

the left= a wristlet...the right=a sock monkey hat.

this is a frog.  above it...whooooo could it be?

tiny ridge.

tiny sawyer.

grocery cart cover/high chair cover

 flower hair bows/clips

i guess that's all for now!

Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday extravaganza(S)!

Okay, for Sawyer's birthday, his ACTUAL birth day, the DAY he turned four, he and I met up with two of my girlfriends and their kiddos @ Red Robin.  Cuteness abounds:

Ridgey didn't feel well...but he's still cute!
These are some of our loooovely nurses! All were present to celebrate Sir Ridge's first birthday.  I'm showcasing some of his bday stuff here bc I never did an adequate party post for him.  And now I'm too tired to find all those pictures again.  So he has LOTS of pictures but gets less of a showcase than Sawyer did up above....anyway, we love these girls!
side note, only bc I said I'd post more are a couple other shots of those swaddlers if you are wanting to see how they work.