Saturday, March 27, 2010

long time no pics...

The next two items are for sale. email me at  if you are interested in either the yellow and turquoise jewelry set ($35 plus $7.50 shipping) or the apron ($27.50 plus $2.50 to ship)
I had ordered Sawyer some books from his school book fair.  We read them one night. Ridgey even likes to read books with us.  Ridgey also likes to crawl. Even crawling over the rails and under the high chair was no difficult feat for him, as you can surely see....
Sawyer likes to help with Ridge.  Here, he is helping feed Ridge.  It must be necessary for him to open his own mouth as well....kinda like I do when I put on mascara.  The next picture is of my new haircut.  I had 9" chopped off and was able to donate it.  I was bummed bc Locks for Love requires 12", but my friend told me about Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which only requires 8" for donation.  So off went my rat tail (that's what BDawg called it) to Wisconsin. The last picture is of me helping Sawyer put on an apron so he could help me make spaghetti sauce.  He didn't like wearing the apron...but he sure liked the spaghetti!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

look at little ridgey