Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy h-a-double l- o- w- double e- n

I'm not sure what our plans are for this Halloween.  But I do know, although I am downtrodden that I wasn't as creative as some of my friends who were smart enough to realize multiple children make for super cute thematic costumes, I still have some really cute munchkins.

okay, so i'm not all about bragging, but see...i love to sew.  i always sew sawyer's costumes....but i was not hauling my machine up to the hospital. that's weird.  so....enter...the duct tape.  yes, folks.  that's a black sweatsuit outfitted with duct tape.  you don't have to tell me how impressed you are. oh, the american flag patch?  i'm not bringing an iron here either.  enter...the chi hair straightener.  innovative?  i are sitting there in awe of costume greatness.  i will give you a second to catch your breath.

yes. this is one of my most favorite pictures ever.

enter bo-peep.  miss harper's little brother was a sheep, and if i'da been thinkin i'd have taken his picture
bc no lie, that was the cutest costume i've ever seen. okay, so i found a pic. this kid isn't near as cute as little owen was in the sheep costume, but take a look here at what the costume itself looks like.  i also got really no pics of the rest of our clan, and i am disappointed in myself for that.  however, the right picture here shows sawyer's epic fail at bowling...he was kind of shy that night.  but you can see the spiderman and the rainbow brite who hung out with us that night.

now, i love my three year old. and i am impressed with my mad costume making skills.  but you better catch your breath for the epic cuteness that is about to follow.  i did not make this lion costume, i won't even lie.  but every time i think of one of my fat babies wearing it, i want to squeeze them. so will you.

and here are some shots of the two together.  i know, there is no cohesiveness in their costumes.  see...i wasn't creative enough.   but rest assured, when we have three kids, i will for sure not mess up the third one's first halloween.  and see-- all of you with one child who never would've thought to theme your future children's costumes...well, now you can thank me, bc you will be inspired.

happy halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

pics of the boys

so...our friends chris and julie came and took some pictures of our family playing outside at the hospital the other day.  not these.  these were just my horrible job...we were just killing time, so i thought i'd get some pics of the guys.  we're really blessed bc we have several friends who do photography on the side.  chris has just started building up his business, and i can't wait to see the pics he got!

see...i'm supposed to pay attention when i take the picture...but i didn't...that's why it's not centered. and i was too lazy to go back and crop it just now.

now this's cute.

yes..ridge looks cute in blue.

Friday, October 23, 2009

some favorites

So I thought I'd start another blog of just pictures.  That way, if you really would rather just read what's going on you can totally skip the pictures and just go to this lovely page. And if you like the pictures, well, you can hang out right on here as well.

Just trying to get it all set up, so I will put up some of my favorite pics of my kiddos as a test. 

okay so that's only a few...because sawyer is beckoning me to water paint with him. so off i go. this was really just a practice run anyway.  btw, those pics are all of sawyer (except for the one that obviously is of brandon and i).