Saturday, April 17, 2010

happenings lately

AND these, which I love even more, and was so glad I had strawberries on hand, and leftover chocolate to put on them.....(but it really was too bad we ate them all, bc Gibby came, and she loves them!)
So, how did I do it?  Well praise be, glory be, thank you Lord, and hallelujah....Ridge, even with IV cords and pulse-ox cords and a medicine pump and bag.....can STILL rock it in the sling! i LOVE my hotsling!  and Ridgey does too:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Here's a nice reel of photos for you to look at. None of them turned out well of everyone in the picture, but someone looks okay in each one.  So....anyway, here we are, before Easter church service....all decked out, but no pic of the four of us...bc that's kinda difficult to swing when it IS just the four of us!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

recent projects

Here are some photos of my most recent things.  A few things you should know: Some people have asked about having jewelry parties.  SURE!  Give me about a month's notice so I can get some supply made up, and I will bring some jewelry to your house, or wherever, for a party!  You get first pick of the jewelry, and that pick will be free to you for hosting the party!  I would also be glad to throw any kind of party- don't want jewelry? aprons, crocheted whatevers, burp rags, baby stuff, signs, whatever, you tell me what you want me to bring, and i will bring it!  Hope you enjoy the pics!

I'm just gonna start with the big one.  This is some stuff for an upcoming jewelry party.  I'm about halfway finished with making product for it.  See anything you like?  ALSO, I decided to make myself some signs for parties, and for craft shows, etc.  Signs for me, advertising our company.  However, after I was finished, and they turned out rather cute, I thought, "HEY! i could make those for OTHER people!" names? verses? artsy stuff?  I have a cricut, so I can do pretty much anything.  You just let. me. know.  I figure I can make signs anywhere from $10-$30, depending on what you want, and what I actually have to purchase to get it done.  Of course, price could be more than that if you commission something rather large.  Anyway, so there's that.
This cross necklace is for a jewelry party.  The following necklaces are Team necklaces.  Name your team, and I can get the necklace ready.  The team necklaces are about $20, depending on supplies. 
The Mustang necklace and the turq. and purple bracelet are door prizes for FBC Mustang's BUNKO night 4/8.  So heads up, if you're a lady going to that...those will be there!  The back of the Mustang necklace says "Mustang."
  because they are zoomed in, you can't (maybe) tell what this is...these are cupcakes.  I made a set of them for a certain young lady's birthday coming up, but I'm not mentioning names.

 We colored Easter Eggs.  It was fun. Here are the 2 pics I got.

These last few are just for fun.  Here you see Ridge....eating a book that Sawyer received for Christmas last year.  Ridge likes to get under the desk and get that book...daily.  You also see three two  chrashed boys.  Sawyer can outlast everyone in this house.
Also, we have this novelty that my mom had printed.  For those of you who don't know, YHS Deca had Team Ridge shirts made and sold them for $10 a few weeks back.  LOTS of people bought them.  So now, when we all wear OUR Team Ridge shirts, he can wear HIS, so everyone knows exactly who's who.
And lastly, some photos of Sawyer around the same age as Ridge.  I keep thinking they look more and more different than alike.  Then I look at these pictures, and no.  They still look verrrrrry verrrrry similar.  Similar.  That's a new word Sawyer has mastered.  Or something.
Happy Easter, Happy Easter!  Tomorrow, we are hoping to go to church, hoping the Easter Bunny visits, and hoping to get flowers and a garden planted.  Here's to HOPE!